Only by thinking creatively will we reach the best solutions for our community.

I’m running for Mayor because I’m committed to our town and to building a solid, economically sustainable future for our residents.

Growing up in Berthoud, I learned first-hand what makes our community so special. I was raised by a very community oriented family.  My Dad is a former Mayor of Berthoud, so there were many dinner-time conversations concerning town issues such as public safety, schools, roads or what impact a slowing economy might have on our future.

 In 2016 I was elected to serve on the Berthoud Town Board.  Since that time I’ve been actively involved and network regularly with local working groups and regional committees that impact our quality of life, now and in the future.  They include:

  • Participation in the Northern Colorado Bicycle and Pedestrian Collaborative and the North I-25 Coalition.
  • Networking with elected officials and community leaders to enhance Berthoud’s opportunities to partner on better roads, and building sustainable parks and trail system that would add to our quality of life.
  • Participation in conferences and workshops in order to learn of opportunities and network to enhance our town’s future including: Grant Writing USA courses, Colorado Water Conservation Water Fluency Courses, and Colorado Municipal League conferences.
  • Ongoing relationship working with our Larimer County Commissioner, Tom Donnelly, on issues such as the future plans for the new landfill and exploring alternatives for recycling.  It’s important that we participate in regional government meetings with Larimer County in order for Berthoud’s voice to be heard.
  • Attend the Regional Government Open Lands Meetings so that our community priorities are heard.

I’ve learned that being present is critical.

Listening to residents, business and community leaders, we’ve discussed a number of key concerns

  • Our roads and infrastructure and necessary road improvements
  • The need to work closely with our school district to ensure that we continue to have top-rated educational opportunities for families
  • Public safety and a well-funded, responsive law enforcement agency
  • Connected trail systems, open space, community gardens and innovative parks

The work I’m doing for my graduate degree, a Masters in Public Administration, has built my understanding of the importance of making smart policy decisions that help build a strong economic future. 

I would like to develop an entrepreneurial attitude as a community. 

  • What’s economical for the town?
  • Why aren’t people shopping here?
  • What is taking place downtown?
  • What is happening in neighboring communities?

The answers to these questions, and more, will determine how we will address the issues facing our residents.