I love our little town. Having been active for almost two decades in the schools (elementary, middle and high) and involved in countless Berthoud causes and experienced the wonderful highs and unfortunately the tragic lows of our community my wife Jan Dowker and I can’t help but to care deeply about Berthoud.

An important Mayoral election is upon us. Knowing both candidates helps evaluate this very important decision for Berthoud’s short and long term prosperity. I encourage every citizen to vote and let your voice be heard. Democracy works when we are engaged in the process and every vote counts.

Mayor candidate Will Karspeck grew up in Berthoud and has a great sense of our history, but even more importantly he has a vision for our future. A future that my children can enjoy as Berthoud residents and hopefully my grandchildren will be able to enjoy as future Berthoud Spartans.

Will Karspeck has a keen understanding of not just what it takes for Berthoud to flourish, but he also understands how creating relationships and building bridges regionally has a huge impact on economic development and infrastructure priorities of our community. Priorities such as assuring we have well maintained streets and good roads, a safe place to work, live and play, expanded parks and open space and the best possible schools for our children.

I can’t stress how important is to interact in a respectful and thoughtful manner with key decision makers within Northern Colorado and the State of Colorado. Will Karspeck understands how critical this part of representing Berthoud is to our future. Decisions are made every day on a regional basis that affect Berthoud and we need leaders who are respected and seen as positive facilitators and can nurture relationships to help Berthoud realize our full potential. Will Karspeck is that kind of leader.

Will Karpseck’s roots in Berthoud are deep and strong, his father was a Berthoud Mayor and he witnessed as a young person the commitment of a public servant and what it truly means. Former Berthoud Mayors’ Dick Strachan, David B. Gregg and Steve Mulvihill support Will Karspeck, their support is rooted in seeing a candidate for Mayor who can represent Berthoud as a servant leader that genuinely cares about all of our citizens. Each of these former Mayors, know and understand what it takes to sit in the Mayors seat. They understand it takes a balance of institutional knowledge and wise policy making for the town as well as being the kind of person who treats staff with respect and listens with a thoughtful ear to our citizens. It’s so much easier to win when you work as a team. Will Karpseck understands that in order to implement policies that serve the majority you must collaborate with colleagues and find ways to work together.

Will Karspeck epitomizes being a team player and knows how important it is to work together for a common cause. Will Karspeck grew up supporting and showed dedication to his teammates in Berthoud and does the same today as adult. Former Berthoud High School (BHS) Athletic Director, coach and teacher Rusty Mathena proudly supports Will Karspeck. Mathena is a member Berthoud Sports Hall of Fame and the BHS gymnasium is named after Rusty Mathena.

Berthoud Sports Hall of Famer, USA Paralympian and two Time Gold Medalist Tyler Carron is a former teammate of Will Karspeck. Berthoud Sports Hall of Famer and Colorado State Ram’s football standout Derek Good and Will Karspeck were both Peer Support Counselors at Berthoud High School. They are both supporters of Will today and know his dedication to our community is heartfelt and is focused on what is best for Berthoud.

When you get your ballot, please vote and when you do, please vote for Will Karspeck for Mayor. Your vote for Will Karspeck will make a positive difference today, tomorrow and for years to come.

John Hall