Will Karspeck has received the endorsements of former Mayors David Gregg and Milan Karspeck and current Mayor Steve Mulvihill.

Only by thinking creatively will we reach the best solutions for our community.

As a Berthoud native, I have a unique perspective.  I’ve seen changes taking place over time, and for the most part they’ve been positive.

History is important when planning for the future. I have significant contacts with those who served in the past, and I understand their positions. However, we need to look forward to make a difference.

Join me in moving forward. Together we will create the future we desire. 


Ballots will be mailed March 12 – 19.

All ballots must be returned to Town Hall b 7 PM on April 3.


I love our little town. Having been active for almost two decades in the schools (elementary, middle and high) and involved in countless Berthoud causes and experienced the wonderful highs and unfortunately the tragic lows of our community my wife Jan Dowker and I can’t help but to care deeply about Berthoud.

An important Mayoral election is upon us. Knowing both candidates helps evaluate this very important decision for Berthoud’s short and long term prosperity. I encourage every citizen to vote and let your voice be heard. Democracy works when we are engaged in the process and every vote counts.

Mayor candidate Will Karspeck grew up in Berthoud and has a great sense of our history, but even more importantly he has a vision for our future. A future that my children can enjoy as Berthoud residents……..READ MORE

John Hall


Berthoud friends. I humbly ask you to consider joining me in support of William Karspeck as your next Mayor. Bottom line, Will has demonstrated to me he has the temperament for the honor of your vote. He has a spirit of consensus, character and discernment, qualities necessary for the job. Our terms overlapped a little and I saw in him a deep love for Berthoud and her people. Please vote Karspeck for Mayor. (Hint. It’s mail-in so super easy).

David Gregg


Good luck on your campaign Will, I just know with your humility and desire to learn, you will do very well.

Don Ashcraft


You will make a great Mayor!!

Steve Mulvihill


Will is an outstanding candidate for Mayor. He’s someone who will listen to all of Berthoud’s citizens. That’s an attribute that will serve Berthoud well!

John Hall


Will, you are going to do excellent things in this campaign, and as the potential future Mayor. I’ve been impressed from the begining of your trustee term by your character and devotion to doing what’s fair and right for the people and place of Berthoud. You can count on my fullest support and wishes for success!

May Soricelli